"The timorous may stay at home."
~ Murphy v. Steeplechase Amusement Co., 250 N.Y. 479, 483 (N.Y. 1929)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

UltraBeast Eve Eve Non-Sequiturs

As I sit in an Epsom salt bath, the random musings of a brain on overdrive:

Probably should have laid off the
clean & jerks.
  • Grape Pedialyte is the bomb.
  • Ironic that this is my first "real" Spartan Race. (Death Race not included) Most people work up from a Sprint, I work down from the Death Race.
  • shorts, capris, or full length tights? Injinjis or smart wool? 
  • Sesame Street band-aids make me so happy. 
  • I should have taken tapering more seriously.
  • Tapering blows. I'm probably missing a great WOD tomorrow. 
  • Why is my flight to Manchester so ungodly full tomorrow? Is all of Chicago going to the Beast?
  • How many times will I fall down the mountain?
  • Will Killington actually have any open restaurants by the time I finish?
  • Ford Focus or Chevy Impala tomorrow?
  • I should have done the Team Death Race.
  • It'll be really weird to be in the Pittsfield area for something other than the Death Race.
  • I want beer. No, vodka.
  • My shower caddy is about to fall on me.
  • Do I have enough Gold Bond?
  • How do Epsom salt work, if they even do? This bath is making me hot.
  • I overpack like whoa
  •  Where do you buy booze in New Hampshire? Can you buy it in grocery stores?
  • I should have tested my Camelbak before this. Whoops.
  • Where is my axe?
  • I'm back on the Sharkie wagon. Mmm Sharkies.
  • Large quantities of overhead squats yesterday were not a smart idea.
  • Burpees suck 
  • Are these phantom pains, or is my right calf really not doing well? 
  • must. pack. Benadryl.
  • Living in Chicago has trained me perfectly for 20,000+ ft of elevation change. (love you step mill?)
  • No kayaks, please.  
  • If anyone is still reading this, I'm severely judging you.
  • Candy corn-check. Milk Duds-check.
  • It's like a family reunion, bitches!!

See all you crazies tomorrow night.


  1. 1) No liquor in NH grocery, just beer and wine. Must go to a NH agency liquor store. In Maine on the other hand, you can get it most anywhere. I plan to stop on my way over- want something? PM me- happy to help.
    2) Team DR- tell me about it. If I had known you were coming, a girl team would have been the best!
    3)I prefer Batman band-aids, but Big Bird is pretty cool too.
    4) I wonder if bringing your computer into the tub is a bad idea ??
    5) Spaghetti at our house (aka Junyong's condo) tomorrow night if you'd like to come by. Let me know, sounds like it has already gotten out of control...
    6) My axe is already in my Subaru. Not sure why I felt I needed it either.

    see you tomorrow!

  2. Anything you need, from camelbacks, to liquor, to axes, I have. You know this! I'm the one hosting the pasta party at Junyong's, be there.

  3. Come to the pasta party and I'll answer all questions while my girlfriend steals 10000 ft from your bag.