"The timorous may stay at home."
~ Murphy v. Steeplechase Amusement Co., 250 N.Y. 479, 483 (N.Y. 1929)

About Me

I miss mountains and open spaces
I suppose I happened upon obstacle racing by accident. A co-worker actually told me about this race called "Tough Mudder," and from the moment I looked to see what exactly it entailed, I was doomed. A sort of "jack of all trades" athlete growing up, I set aside competitive athletics when I went out to college and law school. Upon entering the corporate world, I found I needed something else.

Two regular Tough Mudders led to the inaugural World's Toughest Mudder in Englishtown, New Jersey. There, of close to 1000 competitors to start at 10am on a Saturday morning, I was one of the 10 finishers 24 hours later, and 2nd in women (granted, only two women finished). As my friends, family, and co-workers will say, this was the beginning of my downfall. I was hooked.

At that time, no one even knew what to call these races. Three plus years later, we've decided on "obstacle racing," and I've decided I'm in it for the long haul. Multiple Death Race finishes, winning the 2013 Spartan Race World Championships, and being crowned World's Toughest Mudder in both 2012 and 2014, I've been blessed and lucky to do it all. "In season," you'll find me racing somewhere around the country as often as work will allow.

But I'm not a professional athlete. I don't make a living doing this. In fact, in "real" life, I'm at a desk for 12 hours a day as an attorney. Perhaps this is what drives my need to get out there and kick my own ass in whatever hours I have free. It's why I'm up at 4:00am every morning, heading off to train. I'm out there, finding adventure in the urban jungle.

Photo credit: Marcus Smith


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  2. I switched over from powerlifting to non-traditional racing in January and have completed several race so far and I must admit that you are impressive as hell. I just completed the CMC at Camelback and you absolutely kicked my ass.
    Can I ask what type of training you do, it obviously works. Do you train more than just in the morning?

    Thanks for your time and congrats on all of your accomplishments.

    As a father of two teenage daughters I am always trying to push them to have women such as yourself as an ideal instead of the ones put forth by Hollywood.


  3. I just happened to accidentally surf into the WTM site--like two hours ago. I'd never even heard of such a thing. As I'm reading through the pages I realize that his crazy race is probably the #1 fitness challenge in the freaking world.

    I mean, a ten mile constant switch-back course with over thirty mud, cold and burn themed obstacles--and do that for well over 24 hrs. Then I clued into the profiles of participants...most seem to be really 'tough guy' oriented--one young guy kept calling himself a new breed of athlete. Generally speaking, most guys love that they love the pain like a full-blown masochist. And the photos on this people...really developed upper and lower bodies, massive thighs.

    Then I checked-out the race results from last week... And what to my wondering eye should appear? but a little ol' lawyer who won it this year. Ok, top female--but you were really pushing this guy Pak...I mean, you finished just 9 minutes behind him and only the two of you completed 9 laps.

    This is a far better showing than the winning female marathoner makes 'against' her male counterpart. Not only that, you completed that last lap better than half-an-hour faster than Pak's...and put-in your 8th lap at nearly an hour faster. Yet, everybody seemed to be talking about what a 'beast' Pak was...not that he isn't.

    So, I'm thinkin' what kind of monster must this Amelia be? I follow it up to here...and it turns-out that you're a gorgeous blonde attorney with a killer smile and wicked figure...who talks about her mangled toes and shins--so totally unpretentious, great perspective, sharp communicator, obviously intelligent and just havin' fun. Wow...you, well, I just have to let you know that you...

    ...you are my new personal hero!

    You are one fabulous human being--my goodness.

  4. Enjoy the blog. Great showing at the Worlds Tough Mudder, something to be proud of.
    1. Highly recommend the Gladiator Assault Challenge in Lake Geneva WI. 2 hours from Chicago and is cheap $50 to enter. It's only 7 miles long but has lot of hills and nice obstacles. One nice thing about WI is we have hills, a concept people from IL are not familiar with. Makes for great races. I did live in IL for 6 years before being able to migrate back to WI, so I understand what you're going through. Go in the Saturday at 9 AM heat to avoid lines and be competitive.
    2. I'm looking to do a longer mudder type race. Would like to see a 20ish miler. Do you know of any in the Midwest?
    3. What are you opinion on the Vibram shoes? Since I tried them last September I won't run in anything else.
    4. When doing Kettle Bells wear weight lifting gloves to protect the hands. The whole purpose of training is to NOT get hurt. I would be very wary of getting a staph infection grabbing equipment with an open wound.


  5. Pure awesomeness! Keep it up, you are very inspiring!